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Q. Can I use BOTONINO  SYSTEM after having done a dying/tinting process?

A. The BOTONINO SYSTEM can be done before or after tinting. In either case, we recommend doing the hair tinting two weeks before or after the BOTONINO SYSTEM process to allow pigment to set better on hair. For very curly or Afro Ethnic hair, we do recommend doing hair relaxation/ straightening before using the BOTONINO SYSTEM.

Q. Can I apply the product only on the roots if client wishes to keep her hair wavy on the length?

A. Yes. Applying the product only on the roots provides a very natural and balanced result. For already straightened lengths, applying the product on the root is also recommended to avoid saturation.

Q. Can pregnant women use the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM?

A. BOTONINO™ SYSTEM is not a chemical product, however we recommend that pregnant women avoid, due to the fact that the hormone level changes during pregnancy can effect the way the cuticle responses.

Q. Is BOTONINO™ SYSTEM compatible with henna?

A. Yes. BOTONINO SYSTEM is compatible with any color service or chemical process.

Q. When is the client allowed to wash her hair?

A.Whenever she wants, even right after the treatment.

Q. Can BOTONINO™ SYSTEM be applied to virgin hair?

A. Yes. The most effective result is obtained when applying BOTONINO SYSTEM to processed hair. Virgin hair should be washed at least twice with the BOTONINO SYSTEM NO.1 Residue Shampoo before applying the BOTONINO SYSTEM NO.2 volume reducer. Two to three further treatments will result in virgin hair showing the same results as processed hair.

Q. How long will the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM last?

A. Three to four months provided the BOTONINO SYSTEM/ BM Hair Botox range of aftercare products are used BOTONINO SYSTEM is a cumulative treatment. The more often you have the treatment applied, the healthier your hair will be and the longer the results will last.

Q. What happens to my hair after the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM is at the end of its life cycle?

A. Your hair will revert to its original state about 12 weeks prior to the treatment. It will be in a better and stronger condition than before the treatment.

Q. How will my hair look after the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM treatment?

A. It will be much shinier, effortless to manage, stronger, straighter, healthier and frizz free. Humidity will no longer be a problem.

Q. Will BOTONINO™ SYSTEM make my hair dead straight?

A. That depends on the type of hair you have. If you have straight, frizzy hair, the treatment will eliminate the frizz and give the hair incredible shine. If your hair is wavy BOTONINO SYSTEM will make your hair naturally straight and healthy. If your hair is very curly, the treatment will remove most of the frizz, enhancing the natural curl or wave.

Q. Can you swim in the sea or pool after BOTONINO™ SYSTEM treatment?

A. Yes, however, please note that regular swimming may compromise the longevity of the treatment. It is recommended that you comb Hair Botox Instant Repair Serum through your hair prior to swimming to act as a protective barrier.

Q. How soon after having the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM treatment can I wash my hair?

A. Immediately after you leave the salon. You can also wear a ponytail, use clips and pins, go to the gym or swim.

Q. Can you have BOTONINO™ SYSTEM if you have hair extensions?

A. Yes, provided the extensions are of 100% Remy human hair. It is best if the treatment is applied to your hair before the installation of the extensions. However, if the extensions are already installed, your stylist must ensure that the BOTONINO SYSTEM volume reducer treatment does not come in contact with your hair extension bonds or micro-rings.

Q. How soon after having BOTONINO™ SYSTEM treatment can I have it re-applied to my hair?

A. As the BOTONINO SYSTEM treatment is a conditioning treatment, there is no potential harm to performing the application at any time.

Q. Can BOTONINO™ SYSTEM be applied to any type of damaged or processed hair?

A. Yes, it can be applied to all damaged hair types: colored, highlighted, relaxed, straightened, permed, or bleached.

Q. Is the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM permanent?

A. No, it will eventually wash out after 3 to 4 months. The treatment lasts longest on processed hair and provided the BOTONINO™ SYSTEM/BM Professional aftercare products are used.

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