Nurturing Your Hair Through Winter – A Comprehensive Guide by Botonino

Nurturing Your Hair Through Winter - A Comprehensive Guide by Botonino

Nurturing Your Hair Through Winter – A Comprehensive Guide by Botonino

Why Does Hair Get Dry During Winter?

Winter hair care

Nurturing Your Hair Through Winter. As the cold season approaches, one frequently asked question is, “Why is my hair so dry during winter?” and how to get rid of dry winter hair? how to protect your hair from the cold weather? To understand the answer, first, we need to consider our hair’s biology. Interestingly, delayed telogen release is the mechanism that some mammals use to synchronously shed their winter coats at the onset of spring. Moreover, this same mechanism may cause slight degrees of telogen in humans, leading to complaints of seasonal hair shedding.

The cold winter weather, unfortunately, isn’t just harsh on our skin; it’s equally unfriendly to your hair. The freezing temperatures combined with excessive indoor heating can result in dry, irritated, and sometimes even flaky skin. Moreover, they drain the moisture out of your hair, leading to dry hair in winter, which subsequently causes several unwanted hair problems, including static frizz, split ends, and a tight, itchy scalp.

How to Treat Winter hair problems with Botonino Products

BotoninoBotonino ShampooBM-Pink-Reconsructive-Mask-500gBM-Platinum-Reconsructive-Mask-500gBotonino Instant Repair serumBOTONINO™ Premium ShampooBOTONINO™ premium conditioner

The question then arises, “How do we treat dry hair in winter?” The answer, surprisingly simple, lies in the power of oils. Oils play a crucial role in protecting hair from damage (1). Certain oils can penetrate the hair and reduce the amount of water absorbed in the hair. As a result, there is a decrease in swelling, effectively lowering hygral fatigue, a common issue leading to dry hair in winter.

Maroccan argan oil, in particular, has gained popularity as a main ingredient in hair cosmetics, primarily due to its ability to keep the hair moisturized and hydrophobic (2). Consequently, it is a star component of our Botonino Maintenance Range. Argan oil is notably rich in tocopherols and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that promote hair health.

For those seeking immediate repair for winter-damaged hair, we recommend Botonino Instant Repair Oil. It’s an effective solution for those grappling with how to get rid of dry hair in winter.

Botonino’s Premium Range and Professional Treatment Hair Care

how to get rid of dry hair in winter hairhow to get rid of dry hair in winter hairBotonino Super repair mask how to get rid of dry hair in winter hair

In the quest for comprehensive winter hair care, the Botonino Premium Range stands out. Notably, it contains a mask packed with 20 amino acids and 12 oil extracts, providing a nourishing treat to your hair in winter, effectively combatting dry hair in winter.

Additionally, we recommend the BM Professional Treatment for monthly use during winter. This treatment, rich with 12 oils and 54% ceramides, is a game-changer for those tackling winter frizzy hair. Also, to protect your hair from the cold weather!

Answering Your Hair Care Queries with Botonino Solutions

Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about winter hair care:

How do I stop my hair from getting dry in the winter?

By incorporating Botonino's Instant Repair Oil and Maintenance Range into your regular hair care routine, you can achieve this. Significantly, these products are designed to provide continuous hydration to your hair.

How do I get humidity in my hair in the winter?

By using the Botonino Premium Range mask, you can help retain moisture in your hair, thus maintaining a good level of humidity

Why is hair worse in winter?

Hair tends to suffer in winter due to the cold temperatures and dry indoor heating. These conditions, unfortunately, sap the moisture from your hair, making it dry and more prone to damage. Thankfully, our BM Professional Treatment can be a great ally in combatting this.

How do you take care of dry climate hair?

By consistently using Botonino's range of oil-rich products, you can keep your hair nourished and moisturized, making it more resilient in dry climates.


With Botonino, you can keep winter hair problems at bay. In conclusion, your hair can stay healthy, hydrated, and gorgeous no matter the season!

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